VDL Grassfed Beef

We have updated VDL GrassFed. It is now North Pasture Farms.

Click Here: North Pasture Farms

The VDL GrassFed site prices will go out of date....

Red bull Red cow with white spot pasture Our cows can go anywhere they like except the front yard and the driveway.

We have updated VDL GrassFed. It is now North Pasture Farms.

Click Here: North Pasture Farms

The VDL GrassFed site prices will go out of date....

Basics, How It Works, Prices


VDL GrassFed is a small Grassfed Beef Farm in Northern Wisconsin. We do deliveries to customers through neighborhood coordinators and buying clubs in your area every eight weeks.

Our beef gets no grain, antibiotics or hormones. Pork is raised outside. Chicken is raised on Non GMO Feeds and Grass. All animals are humanely raised. Photos, videos and more info about the farm and what we do can be seen on Facebook.
  Or you can come and see us.

How to Order:

If you are familiar with us and our prices, just click here. Order Form

New to VDL GrassFed? Read on.

You check out the price list below. Decide what you want. Then click on the Order Form. It is actually pretty simple.

When you get done, click 'Submit' and the form will go to us.

We will look over what you put on your list and make an esitmate. There will be an actual conversation if one is needed. We will go back and forth with estimates and emails until it is all sorted out and fine. A reason to get your order in early is so we have some time to answer questions. I handle all emails within 24 hours.

A day or three before delivery we will send out a final invoice with a payment link. Then you pick up at the drop spot on delivery day. No worries.

You can also just send me an email and ask any questions. I have never heard or seen a question too stupid to ask: Steve@VDLGrassFed.com

Price List:




There is a good amount of meat available even chicken!

Beef Roast Special: If you get 2 roasts at once, the price is $6.59/lb instead of $7.79/lb.

Pork Roast Special: If you get two pork roasts at once, the price is $5.17/lb instead of $5.79/lb.

Ground Beef: 10 or more lbs of ground beef, $6.59/lb.

Ground Beef Bulk Rate: 25 or more lbs of ground beef, $5.79/lb.

BBQ Beef Ribs: $5.49/lb.

Beef Short Ribs: $5.89/lb.



First Taste Bundle:
3 Lbs Ground Beef
1 Lb Stew Meat
2 Lbs Steak (Rib, TBone, Sirloin or NY Strip, depending on what I have on hand. Ask for the one you want. I will do what I can.)
1 Lb Sugarless Bacon. If I am out of regular bacon I will go with Cottage or another type of bacon.
1 Lb Pork Breakfast Sausage
Non discount total is about: $80.00 (Depends on type of steak.)
Bundle Discount: 10% - total is about $72.00
First time order discount: 15% - total is about $68.00

Nutrition Challenge Bundle:
3 Lbs Beef Roast
5 Lbs Ground Beef
2 Pkg Beef Brats
* I may put in 2 lbs of stew meat instead of beef brats depending on supply. Let me know if you would rather have the stew meat. *
1 Pkg Boneless Chicken Breast.
1 Pkg Paleo Snack Sticks.
Regular price is about: $106.00
Bundle discount: 10% - total about $92.50.
First timer discount is brings the total to about $87.00.

Pork Chops Bundle:
2 Pkg Pork Chops
5 Lbs Ground Beef
1 Sugarless Bacon (uncured). If I am out of the regular bacon I will go with Cottage Bacon or some other type.
2 Pkg Wayne’s Brats
1 Paleo Snack Sticks
Regular price is around $95.50.
Bundle discount: 10% - total around $84.30
First Time order discount: 15% - total about $81.00

Steak Bundle:
2 Lbs Steak (Rib, TBone, Sirloin or NY Strip depending on what I have the most of at the time. Ask for the one you want. I will do what I can.).
5 Lbs Ground Beef
1 Sugarless Bacon (uncured). If out of regular I will use Cottage or some other type of bacon.
2 Pkg Brats
1 Paleo Snack Sticks
Regular price is around $117.00. (Depends on type of steak)
Bundle discount: 10% - total about $106.00
First Time order discount: 15% - total about $91.00

Other First Time Order Discount:
Anything a first timer buys up to $100.00 that is not one of the above bundles they earn a 10% discount on the first $100.00 of their order.

Mixed Share.
* Around 10-15 lbs of beef, consists of:
* Six packages of ground beef, 1.0 pounds each.
* High End Steak: (Rib, TBone, Sirloin or NY Strip. Ask for the kind you want. I will do what I can.) 2.0 - 3.5 lbs average.
* One package of Tenderloin Steak (Fillet Mignon). Usually 2 fillets.
* Two pounds of stew meat.
* One roast, 3 lbs average.
* Say if you want a large, medium or small share. Large means bigger roast and steaks, maybe an extra pound of stew meat.
* There is a 10% discount on the Mixed Share. Total winds up at about $136.00, depending on the size of the roasts and other changes you might want to make. Let us know the changes and we will do what we can.
  * The bundle discount on this one is 10%. Sorry, no first timer discount on this one. That gets a little too much like giving away the store.

Regular Beef Items:


Ground Beef.
* Individual packages. Less than 10 lbs $7.29/lb.
* 10 or more one pound pkgs is $6.59/lb
* 25 or more one pound pkgs (wholesale) is $5.79/lb
* Patties (3/lb) $7.85/lb
* About 90% lean.
* I have some fattier Ground Beef also (about 85% lean). Ask for it. Same price as the 90% lean.

Other beef Items:
* Beef Roasts – Packages are 2 to 5 lbs. $7.29/lb. Say what size you want. I will come as close as I can. We have some big roasts also, 4.5 - 6 lbs.
* If you get 2 or more Beef Roasts, they are $6.59/lb. Mention you want the special rate.

* Steak :
 -- Chuck Steak $7.19/lb. Don't cook the lower priced steaks like a NY Strip or TBone. Sear them and then cook them LOW and SLOW. They are excellent in a smoker.
 -- Cube Steak $7.59/lb
 -- Flank $18.79/lb
 -- Flatiron $12.59/lb
 -- NY Strip $17.29/lb
 -- Porterhouse $15.69/lb
 -- Ribeye $17.29/lb
 -- Round $7.19/lb
 -- Sirloin $14.59/lb
 -- Skirt $21.59/lb
 -- TBone $15.49/lb
 -- Tenderloin $22.79/lb
 -- Sometimes other cuts are available. Prices vary. It doesn't hurt to ask.

* Beef Stew Meat: 1 lb pkg, $8.49/lb.
* Paleo Snack Sticks: $9.00/8oz pkg. No sugar, no MSG, very minimal ingredients.
* Paleo Beef Jerky: 2.6 oz pkg, $5.19
* Beef Bacon: 1 lb pkg. Like the Jack Pine Savage bacon but made with beef. $13.50.
* Bacon Grill Burgers: Ground Beef with bacon ground in. About 20% bacon. Three to a pound. $8.50/lb.
* Beef Bratwurst: 1 lb pkg, 5 brats, $9.59/lb.
* Beef Ribs BBQ: Usually about 3 lbs / pkg, 5.49/lb. On special.
* Beef Ribs Short: Usually about 3 lbs / pkg, 5/89/lb.
* Beef Brisket: from 3-5 lbs (depends on the animal) $7.69/lb
* Beef Liver: 6.29/lb.
* Beef Heart or Tongue: $6.79/lb.
* Beef Oxtail: $7.99/lb
* Beef Bones, Marrow: About 5 inches long, sliced lengthwise. $3.39/lb.
* Beef Bones, Joint: For Bone Broth: $3.49/lb.
* Beef Bones, Soup (pretty meaty): $5.59/lb.
* Beef Fat, Unrendered : $2.00/lb.
* Pet Food, Ground Organ meats: $2.79/lb.

Pork Items:

* Sugarless Bacon : $14.57/Lb. Regular thick-cut bacon. (Uncured – this actually means there are no artificial nitrates) this is one of our most popular items and runs out fast! Most people say it is the best they ever had.
* Bacon, Sugarless Cottage: $7.69/Lb. Made from the Boston Butt, otherwise same recipe as regular. More meaty than regular. (Uncured)
* Bacon, Sugarless Jackpine Savage: $7.19/Lb. Same recipe as regular bacon but made from different parts. More meaty than regular. (Uncured)
* Bacon, Sugarless Canadian: $7.49/Lb. Made from the Pork Loin. (Uncured)
* Bacon, Sugarless Chicago Brand: $8.99/Lb. Made from GrassFed Beef and Pork combined. (Uncured)
* Pork roast: 2-5 lb pkg, $5.79/Lb. I also sometimes have BIG pork roasts 5-7 lbs. Ask for the size you want.
* Pork roast special (get 2 or more roasts): $5.17/Lb.
* Pork breakfast sausage: packaged by the pound like the ground beef. $5.49/Lb
* Pork Brats: One pound packages, 5 brats per package. $7.39/Lb.
* Garden Brats: $7.39/Lb (With Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions already inside)
* Pork Chops: Usually 3/pkg, about 1.8 lbs/pkg., $5.39/Lb.
* Ham: Usually between 3 and 6 lbs. $6.59/Lb
* Ham Steak: Slice of ham about 3/4 inch thick. $6.59/Lb
* Ground Pork (No Spices): 4.19/Lb
* Pork Steak: $3.93/Lb
* Pork Ribs: 2-5 lb pkg, $7.29/Lb These are also great for grilling/smoking.
* Pork Tenderloin: $13.50/Lb
* Pork Neck Bones: $1.29/Lb (there is a recipe on the VDL GrassFed FaceBook page)
* Pork Fat, Unrendered. $1.00/Lb

Chicken Items:

* Boneless chicken breasts: - two to a package, usually about 1.5 lbs. 11.69/lb.
* Whole Chicken: – about 3 – 5 lbs/ea, $5.39/lb
* Chicken Breasts bone in: 2 breasts/pkg, about 1.5 lbs/pkg, $8.49/lb
* Chicken Wings: About 2.5 lbs/pkg 3.25/lb
* Chicken Thighs: about 2.5 lbs/pkg, $5.79/lb
* Legs : about 3 lbs/pkg, $5.39/lb
* Leg Quarters (Great for grilling, leg and thigh attached) - about 1.5 lbs/pkg, $5.49/lb
* Chicken Brats: 1 lb/pkg 12.29
* Ground Chicken: (Sorry, ran out of this) 1 lb/pkg 10.99
* Chicken Patties: (Sorry, out) 3 patties per 1 lb pkg 13.89
* Chicken Hot Dogs: 8 per 1 lb pkg 13.69

Other Items:

* Paleo/Honey Beef Stick, Same recipe as the Paleo Beef sticks but with a touch of honey added. $9.00/pkg.
* Pet Food, Made from organ meats. $2.79/Lb.
* Best Burgers, 2 parts ground beef, 1 part sausage, 1 part ground pork. 3 patties per pound: $7.79/lb.

Quarters, Halves and Whole cows:

A quarter of beef is usually about 100 pounds of meat.

The breakdown will be approximately:
* 50% ground beef
* 10% stew meat.
* 15% Steaks (TBone, Ribeye, Sirloin)
* 20-30% Roasts. Chuck, Arm, Sirloin Tip, Rump. Most are labeled simply Beef Roast.
* There is a 10% discount on Quarters. * Buying a quarter saves about 120.00 as compared to buying the individual items.
* Total discounted price usually winds up between 750.00 and 820.00 depending...
* There will also be about 10-15 pounds of free things like liver, heart, tongue, oxtail, marrow and joint bones. If you want some extra (free) ground beef instead of the free extras, just ask for it. We will work something out.
* The meat will arrive all cut, wrapped and frozen.
* Wrapping is vacuum packed and with ground beef in 1 pound chubs.

You can say if you want a quarter that is on the small side or on the large side. You can also say if you want more ground beef and less roasts or more roasts and less ground beef if you want. If you want less steaks, you can get a price break on the whole quarter. In other words, I am willing to dicker a bit.

Discount on a quarter is 10%.

Pork Halves:

A half pig is usually about 70 lbs of meat.

The breakdown will be approximately:
* Pork Chops: 15 lbs.
* Pork Roast: 12 lbs.
* Ham: 7 lbs.
* Ground pork (no spices): 5 lbs.
* Bacon: 8 lbs.
* Bacon, Jackpine: 5 lbs.
* Spareribs: 3 lbs.
* Brats: 8 lbs.
* Pork Sausage: 10 lbs.
* There is a 15% discount off the bundle total.
* Total usually comes out at about $425.00.
* You can make some changes in the breakdown of your half pig. Some changes are easy, some are impossible. If you ask for a half pig that is all bacon you are going to be disappointed...
* Half pigs are also subject to availability. Sometimes I don't have enough pork to make it happen.


OK, here is another chance to order: Order Form The order form opens another tab so you can refer back and forth from the order form to the price list if you want.



Neighborhood coordinator:

Neighborhood Coordinators get a 5% commission based on the value of meat dropped off at their drop spot. Several coordinators pay for most of their family meats by being a coordinator. The commission amount can be taken off the coordinators order or it can be paid in meat. Coordinators also get a $7.00 commission paid in meat for every new person who orders for the first time. Click here on Coordinator or Email me to find out what the coordinator does and how you can become one.



I will always strive to do better than is expected. If for any reason you are not satisfied with my product or service, let me know. I will make it right. Someone didn't like the ground beef, it didn't taste like what they were used to. No worries. Grassfed doesn't taste like most other beef. I replaced it with Roast which they liked. Now they order the ground beef all the time. Someone got some tough steaks, I replaced them with ribeyes. I misplaced someone's order. The next time I was in their town I delivered to their door and gave them an extra 4 pounds of ground beef. I will always strive to do better than is expected.


Email now: Steve@VDLGrassFed.com with orders and let me know what you want. I will reply with an estimate or help finalize the order. You can also text or call: 715-415-4675. You can also use the order form: Order Form

The main thing is to get the conversation started.


Some notes:

Ordering with comments gives us something to go on while packing the orders. We might not be able to do it exactly the way you want but we will be able to get closer than if we were going it blind.

I take orders via email and send back a preliminary estimate. The estimate is so that you can see if I got the order right and so I can keep track of inventory. If you don’t get an estimate back when you order, something is wrong. Ask about it.

A day or so before delivery we pack the orders, get the exact weights and send out the final invoices with a payment link. If you don't get your final invoice by the Friday morning before delivery, ask about it.

I like the online payment link best because it takes zero time at delivery, the customer doesn't have to be present at delivery and the book keeping is all automatic. That being said, we also take checks, credit cards, cash and PayPal.

If you have a big order (over $400.00) you can get an extra 2% off if you pay with a check.

If you have an even bigger order (over $500.00) I can drop off at your house if you want.

People meet me (or the coordinator) at the drop spot and orders are passed out. If I am already gone by the time you get there, coordinators like it best if you pay online.

Most coordinators don't mind watching your meat until you can get there. Just don't be late without coordinating with the coordinator first! You can also get someone to pick up for you if you want, just pay online.

Email me at Steve@VDLGrassFed.com with orders or questions. Let me know what you want.

Farm Visits:

We like farm visits. That being said, it is quite a hike to get here. We are about 2.5 hours from Mpls/St Paul and about 7 hours from Chicago. However, if you come out to the farm, you can get your meat for 10% off.



Anyone you refer to us for meat earns you $7.00 bucks off your next order. Someone will have to let me know who the referrals are or we will think it is just my magnetic personality!

Questions Welcome:

If you have any other questions, like:
What cuts are the steaks?
What cuts are the roasts?
How lean is the ground beef?
How exactly does the coordinator deal work?
Etc etc etc.
Do NOT hesitate to let me know. I type pretty fast and like to answer questions. It also teaches me what people want to know in a general way.

Hope to hear from you soon!


PS. Prices are constantly under review and may need to go up due to rising input costs. Prices do go down once in a while but they go up much more often than down.

PPS. If you spot a typo or other error in the above and let me know about it you will get a free pound of ground beef with your next order! I am not perfect and will accept your help. You may have to remind me of this promise though...