About VDL Grassfed Beef

Red bull
Red cow with white spot
pasture Our cows live outdoors year round

Who we are and what we are doing.

We are Steven and Caroline VanDerLoop.  We lived in California and worked for a non-profit organization there until 2008. Steven grew up on the farm where we are now located and was gone for almost 30 years. It is nice to be back.
Stepping outside near dusk on almost any evening we can hear the coyotes howling and see a tremendous number of stars. It is often so quiet that we can hear the creek burbling 150 yards away and a truck going past on the highway a mile and a half way. This is a far cry from the city life we lived for so long.

We remain in tune with nature and the land by growing many of our own fruits and vegetables and all of our own beef. The winters are long but the environment is very good for grass and trees and the animals that live in and around them.

No animal we use is raised in a feedlot or factory farm setting, only pasture and they are not fed grains, corn, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified feeds or hormones. Our cattle eat only mother’s milk, grass and grass based hay. They are kept in a very low-stress environment that is clean and natural. All live outside all year around and can get out of the weather if they want.
Cows grazing
The pork we offer is pasture raised. The animals are allowed to run around outside and root in the dirt. They are fed corn and other grains especially in winter because grain is part of a natural pig diet, unlike for cows. These pigs receive no hormones or antibiotics at all. In winter they can get outside whenever they want but not very much rooting is happening because of frozen ground.

We also have pasture raised chicken. Photos of Chicken Creek Ranch, the farm they come from, are on the VDLGrassFed FaceBook page.

We are dedicated to producing high quality products that help our customers in any way possible. We know that while new customers are most often attracted by price they are most often held by excellent service.
apple trees
The more small farmers I can hook up to interested buyers, the better I like it. Also the more orders I can deliver at each location the better I like it. You can see photos of our and the other farms that we use on our FaceBook page at VDL GrassFed.

Currently we are selling beef, pork and chicken. In the future we want to also produce Maple Syrup, Apple Juice and some organically grown produce.

We pledge to deliver the highest quality product and the highest quality service possible. We are within delivery distance of most of the cities in Wisconsin.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all!